Armoured Commander

The WWII Tank Commander Roguelike

Frequently Asked Questions

I found a bug, what do I do!
Please send a description of the bug, the version of the game you were playing, along with any crash log file if the program generated one, to the developer's email address at: . You can attach your savegame file as well.

Why do I keep dying / Why can't I kill anything?
Armoured Commander is a game of survival. Your tank is outmatched, outgunned, and outnumbered, but you must do the best with what you have. Be cautious, and only take on enemies that you are confident of destroying. Get into a Hull Down position if you can, and if an AT Gun is hidden, try not to move, since this may reveal it and enable it to attack you. If you run into Panthers or 88s, retreat is a perfectly reasonable strategy. Alternatively, lay smoke and button up, and let your allied units deal with remaining enemy units.

As your crew gains experience and you upgrade to later models of tank, you will be better equipped to take on even tough enemies such as Panther tanks.

Why can't I move or pivot and fire the main gun in the same turn?
Although American Sherman tanks were often fitted with gun stabilizers, crews reportedly found them difficult to use, and would disable them rather than risk the system skewing the gun aiming at a critical moment. At the start of the Patton's Best campaign, your Gunner has not yet been trained on how to use the stabilizer. After the first refit period, you can choose to spend skill points to train your Gunner in its use, and have the option of moving and/or pivoting the tank and firing the main gun, albeit with a penalty to the to-hit roll.

Is Rate of Fire (RoF) really fair?
Your Sherman tank is already outgunned and outnumbered on the battlefield. Rate of Fire represents the ability of a gun team to fire off several rounds in a short period of time effectively. Well-trained and experienced crews could do this far better than inexperienced crews. Since each turn of combat represents a few minutes of actual time, maintaining RoF means that your crew has been able to spot an enemy unit, aim correctly, and fire more than one effective shot in the time given. Remember that you can only target one enemy unit per turn, and you must complete all main gun fire before the result of these hits is resolved.

My crewman bailed out successfully, so why did he get injured/killed?
There are multiple injury rolls that happen when your tank is knocked out. The first one represents damage from the hit that actually knocked out your tank, and the chances of crew being injured by this hit vary according to the direction of the hit, whether it struck the turret or hull, and so on. After a crewman bails out, they must still retreat to friendly lines during an active battle, and so may still be wounded in action.